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Our company Transportes Costarricenses Panameños (TRACOPA) feels proud of contributing for many years to the development and progress of the south of the country, linked and committed in the daily work of its inhabitants.

Every day we strive to improve the infrastructure and quality of the services we offer the benefit of our users.

Our mission, to provide a public transport service quality from San Jose, Costa Rica to David in Panama. If you are traveling to the southern zone of Costa Rica: Parrita, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Uvita, Dominical, San Vito, Golfito and Paso Canoas. You're in good hands with our bus fleet of the latest technology your trip will be safe.

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Frequently asked questions

We currently do not have the online reservation system, but we are working to provide the service soon. You can book a ticket directly in our terminal, usually available if you arrive with at least 30 minutes in advance of time of departure.

The passenger has the right to carry two suitcases, one in the overhead compartment and one in the bus baggage hold. Each extra piece has a value of 2,000 colones.

The price is calculated according to the size and weight of the item. The minimum rate is 2,000 colones.

Heaking, quide or assistance dogs are only allowed on buses. All other animals are prohibiteed.

Smoking, incluiding the use of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited.

Hazardous or flammable materials are not allowed on buses. Such as paints, gas cylinders, oxygen and others.

Children over fifteen years of age may travel alone. Minors under fifteen years of age can not travel without a companion.

Food stops are stops made for passengers to buy something to eat or use the toilet. Food stops vary by track. Select one to see the stops.

Rústico Lapas (Pozón, Orotina) y Flor de la Sabana (Uvita).

Restaurant El Empalme (El Empalme) y Flor de la Sabana (Buenos Aires).

Bar Chicharronera Cubillón.

Rústico Lapas (Pozón, Orotina) y Restaurant La Vaquita (Orotina).

The food stop is about fifteen to thirty minutes.

At the moment only cash is accepted in our bus terminals.

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